What is the Riverside Pediatric Day Health Service Program?

The Pediatric Day Health Center is a pediatric medical daycare (PMDC). It is a health care service designed to meet the medical, developmental, educational, nutritional, and psychosocial needs of medically complex and/or technology-dependent children. These medical conditions require continuous rather than part-time or intermittent care of a registered professional nurse and whose needs cannot be met in a regular day care or preschool handicapped program.

Is the Riverside Pediatric Day Health Service Program licensed?

YES. We are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. We are also a contracted provider with Horizon NJ Health, United Healthcare Community Plan, AmeriGroup, United Health Service and Wellcare.

What is the benefit of placing a child in a pediatric medical day care?

Each child is monitored and cared for by a clinical team working under the direction of the child’s pediatrician. Our dedicated nursing staff ensures medications and treatments are provided as ordered and nursing observation and assessment can pick up changes in condition before they become acute. Consistency of care is provided through a team of pediatric trained specialists that include a registered dietitian, pharmacist, therapists and teacher to ensure that the medical and educational needs of the child are maintained. Families can have peace of mind knowing that both the medical attention and learning needs of their children are met at our pediatric medical daycare center.

babyWhat does the Riverside Pediatric Day Health Service Program offer each child?

  • FREE Transportation to and from the Center
  • FREE Diapers
  • FREE Nutritional Meal
  • FREE Snacks
  • FREE Formula
  • Quality Care from Experienced Health Care Professionals
  • Ongoing Medical Assessments and Care Planning
  • A Registered Nurse Who Provides Daily Medical Care to Your Child
  • A Teacher to Help Your Child Learn, Grow and Gain New Skills
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
  • Individually Designed Programs
  • Three Children per Each Care Giver
  • Staff Trained in CPR and Advanced Life Support
  • Socialization with Other Children
  • A Specialized Learning Environment to Keep Your Child Happy and Engaged

home_5What criteria does the child need to meet to be enrolled at Riverside Pediatric Day Care Health Service Program?

  • Child requires skilled nursing care
  • Birth to Six Years of Age
  • Feeding Tubes
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Moderate to Severe Asthma
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Diabetes
  • Ventilator Dependant
  • Tracheostomy
  • Other Medical Illnesses

What is the cost of the program?

  • The Pediatric Day Health Center is FREE to qualified Medicaid eligible children.
  • The Center will work to obtain coverage from private insurance companies.
  • Private pay arrangements are available if needed.

How do you determine whether a child is clinically eligible for PMDC?

Each child referred to the Program will receive an initial assessment administered by Our Team. If the team finds that the child is appropriate based on this assessment, they will recommend placement approval to the Managed Care Organization who in turn reviews the care needs of the referred child. If it is determined that the child is medically complex and/or technology-dependent the child may be eligible to receive PMDC facility services.

Does every child need assessment from the managed care organization?

No. The initial assessment will be waived for a child being discharged from a NICU provided that the PMDC facility and NICU performs an assessment and determines eligibility. Findings supporting that determination must then be submitted to the managed care organization.

Can children who are not residents of New Jersey attend Riverside Pediatric Day Health Service Program?

Children who are not residents of New Jersey will be evaluated for admission on a case-by-case basis. There may be children who are NJ Medicaid recipients living out of state (perhaps in a medical foster home) who are appropriate for the program. PA Medicaid recipients in a managed Medicaid plan may be admitted with approval from their Managed Care Payer.

Can a child be clinically eligible for PMDC Medicaid benefits if they are a current Medicaid beneficiary receiving private–duty nursing?

YES. A Medicaid beneficiary who receives private-duty nursing may elect to receive PMDC services instead of, but not in addition to, the authorized daytime hours of private-duty nursing, if the Medicaid beneficiary is determined to be a medically complex child and/or a technology-dependent child.

What are the hours of your medical day program?

The programs are open Monday through Friday 7am-4pm. During this time a minimum of six hours of nursing care is provided per day.

Does the child have to attend the day care for 5 days?

No, but the child has to complete a 6 hour day on the day(s) they do attend.

Who cares for the child while on the bus?

There is always an attendant/aid on the bus and an RN or LPN present when required.

Do the child’s parents have to be documented?

NO. As long as the child is determined to be qualified they can be admitted to the program.